WR 2213: Introduction to Journalism

Professor James Dempsey

Immigration and Country Resources

Research Tip: Add site:.gov to your Google search terms to find government websites. For example, search Google for immigration site:.gov

Research Databases

Immigration Books at WPI

To find books at the Gordon Library, type your keywords into Summon (the ALL search box on the library homepage), and then use theBooks/eBooks filter on the left to limit your search results to just books. 

Examples of Immigration Books at WPI

Immigration News Articles

Read the following articles. As you are reading, consider the following:

  • Does the information presented in the article match the title of the article?
  • What data is included in the article? Is there any additional data that may have improved the article?
  • In addition to data, what kind of information had to be gathered to write this article? How would you go about finding or gathering this information?