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What do I need to do to prepare my thesis for submission?

Research & write it of course! When your work is complete you will need to create a PDF file and you can also choose to have the document bound for yourself and/or for your department to archive a copy. Check the following for more information:

I would like to publish a paper, what are the most important journals or researchers in my field?

To find major journals, you have a few options.

How can I check publisher policies and get information on copyright and scholarly publishing?

I published a paper, how do I find out if it's ever been cited by anyone?

How can I search for theses & dissertations? Where are they located?

Prior to 2002, bound copies can be found by searching the Library Catalog. The physical copies are located on the Ground Floor of the library along the back wall if you would like to browse the collection.

Since 2002, WPI has required all theses and dissertations to be submitted and made available electronically.