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About Infringement and the Ability to Collect Damages

"If the copyright holder has registered the work with the U.S. Copyright Office prior to the infringement, the copyright holder may sue for compensation. Court-ordered compensation may include damages such as lost profits from the infringing activity or statutory damages ranging from $250 to $150,000, plus attorneys' fees, for each infringing copy. Even higher damages may be awarded if the court feels that the infringement was committed 'willfully.'" (Source: The Campus Guide to Copyright Compliance,

It's Your Work. Know your rights before signing the dotted line....

Possible Consequences if You Sign Away your Copyright:

  • You could have to pay to use your own work.
  • The copyright holder could republish outdated research.
  • Your works could be reused without credit or royalties.
  • You could have to choose between complying with NIH guidelines and your copyright agreement.