ES 1020: Introduction to Engineering Problems

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Debunking Myths about Information

A Few Myths About Information

Myth: My topic is too new for there to be any research about it.

-----> Reality:  Current scientific inquiry does not happen in a vacuum.  The best researchers and inventors make original discoveries but use past art to inform their inventions and experiments. 

Myth: I'm just presenting my opinion so I don't need outside sources.

-----> Reality: In college level work, using outside sources to both support your thoughts and refute others' ideas strengthen the presentation of your opinion. 

Myth: I can find all I need on "the free web."

-----> Reality: For less ambitious projects this may be true, but for high quality, college level work you also need to consult research databases not always discoverable through search engines. And you may even need to look at print books or consult experts either in-person or by phone.  

Myth: Information is free.

-----> Reality: There is much high quality, and excellent information available for free on the web.  However, much of the high quality information that professionals and researchers need is found behind "pay walls." As a student at WPI you have access to information that the Institute pays for to meet your educational needs.  Take advantage!

Quality Sources

The projects that you will complete during ES 1020 and throughout your education at WPI require that you find high quality published research and information, and that you cite it properly.  

Having trouble finding or citing the information that you need?  Don't get frustrated -- Contact a librarian.