WR 4111: Research Methods in Writing

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Summon is a tool that searches across most of the library's resources at once. It is the search box under the ALL tab on the library homepage

Summon Book/eBook Search

To find books at the Gordon Library, type your keywords into Summon, and then use the Books/eBooks filter on the left to limit your search results to just books. 

Peer-Reviewed Journals in Summon

What is Peer-Review?

"A process by which a scholarly work (such as a paper or a research proposal) is checked by a group of experts in the same field to make sure it meets the necessary standards before it is published or accepted." - Merriam Webster

What are Peer-Reviewed Journals?

A peer-reviewed journal is a highly respected type of publication. Before articles are published within these types of journals, they are sent by the editors of the journal to other scholars in the field ("peers"), often anonymously, to get feedback on the quality of the scholarship, review research methods, as well as relevance or importance to the field. The article may be accepted, often with revisions suggested, or rejected for publication.  

To find peer reviewed articles, type your keywords into Summon, and then choose the filters for Scholarly & Peer-Reviewed and Journal Article.

Search Tips

Search tips for Summon:

  • Connect your keywords using the word AND.
    • Example:
      • velociraptor AND housing
  • Search for synonyms using the word OR. Nest your synonyms in parentheses.
    • Example:
      • (velociraptor OR dromaeosauridAND housing
  • Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase.
    • Example:
      • ​​communication strategies” OR “methods of communication” 
  • If your search topic has an acronym, search on both the acronym and the full phrase.
    • Example:
      • DHAA OR Dinosaur Housing Association of Antarctica"
  • Use the * symbol to search for words that have the same beginning letters:
    • Example:
      • Search for hous* to find results for house, houses, housing, etc. 

ILL: Borrowing from other Libraries

Our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service allows WPI students and faculty to request items from other libraries free of charge.