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Why watch?

Watch this video to learn:

  • fee vs. free resources
  • how to access resources through WPI

Free vs. Fee Resources

This video is approximately 3.5 minutes. You can pause or rewind at any time using the controls below.


In this video, we will learn about fee vs. free resources and how to access WPI resources. Watch this video to differentiate between materials that are "free" and those that are "fee"

Is everything on the internet available for free? Let's search Google and see what we can find. If we start with a search on life cycle assessment, we can see ads, and scholarly articles, Wikipedia results and government websites. This scholarly article is produced by a publisher, in this case Elsevier.

People who aren’t affiliated with a university like WPI are asked to pay to view the article. They see a screen like this that ask for $39.95 to see this one article. If you see a screen that asks you to pay, ask a librarian to help you access the article through WPI. As a WPI student, you can view the article online through the library.

In fact, from on campus, Google is configured so that it knows you are a WPI student with access to these resources. Clicking on the article title takes you right to it, if the WPI library subscribes to the journal. From off campus, connect to Google Scholar from the library website so you are prompted to authenticate with your WPI username and password. This way, when you view results, you will automatically connect to eResources provided by the WPI Library. FullTextFinder@WPI will appear. This is the best way to find out how to get to the item.

For this article, the FullTextFinder shows the WPI Library provides access to this article. If not, you can request items through interlibrary loan. When viewing results within Google Scholar, sometimes you will see books appear. For this example, a preview of the book is available. If you click on VIEW EBOOK, the arrow next to "get this book in print" gives an option to Find in a Library. This goes to which tells you which libraries have copies of this book.

You can also just go directly to and search for a book to see what libraries have it. You can see that this book is available at the WPI library. If it wasn't you could see that Clark's library owns it. Or, if it was not available at WPI, you could request it through Interlibrary Loan. Simply click to request through Interlibrary Loan and the library will get the book for you and let you know by email when it arrives. Books can take a week or so to arrive.

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