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BUS 310X - Organizational Performance & Analytics

What is raw data?

Raw data:

  • data as soon as it is collected; generated directly from a source
  • sometimes called 'source data' or 'primary data'
  • data that have not yet been analyzed or interpreted via statistical methods

Questions to ask

Who or what is the population you want to study?

When? What is the time period you want to study?

Where? What is the geographic location you want to study?

Remember: You might need to be flexible here. Not all data is gathered/published/made public.

Then, ask the following:

Who is collecting this data? Where can I find it?

Data Resources

*Important to remember: most data sites are aggregators. Content will vary, and you might need to drill down to get what you need.

Government Agencies, Intergovernmental Organizations, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Data Repositories

Library Resources (combine private sector and public data)

Find more open web resources linked in the guides below.

Google Search Tips

  • Use '' to search within only U.S. government websites (or for the UK, etc.)
  • Add "association" or "organization" to your key terms to find groups that care about/gather data on your topic