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WPI Student Projects: Submission Process

Step 2: Approve the Project

Please note, once you approve the e-project, neither you nor the students will be able to alter the project. Review the information, restriction options, and files carefully. 

If the project has TWO advisors, you will be prompted to “APPROVE on my behalf” (for the other advisor). The project team will not be accepted by the Registrar until both advisors have approved. 

After approving the project, you will also assign a grade and credits to the project team members.  Different grades may be assigned to different members of the team. For more details on the grading and credit options, see the "Approving and Grading" section of this article in the Hub.

Upon your approval, the project team will be notified by email and the Registrar's office will be notified to review the submission in order to ensure all requirements are met. 

No paper signatures or delivery of forms (such as the eCDR) are necessary in the eProjects 2.0 system.