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EN 3224: Picturing Shakespeare: Historical and Cultural Reference

Professor Michelle Ephraim

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Shakespeare Trivia

*The open-air theatres that Shakespeare’s plays were first performed in were designed in the same style as the bear-baiting gardens

*Shakespeare’s plays have a vocabulary of some 17,000 words, four times what a well-educated English speaker would have. Shakespeare used 29,066 different words out of 884,647 words in all.

*The Globe Theater, of which Shakespeare was a part owner, was founded as a joint stock venture in 1599––a very early example of what we now call corporations.

*Shakespeare coined an amazing number of expressions now used in everyday English: the devil incarnate, a laughing stock, dead as a door-nail, the game is up, play fast and loose, tower of strength, and vanish into thin air

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Theatres of London

Theatres of London

Shakespearean Insults

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Shakespeare's Actors

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