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EndNote Web

Use to store references and format your bibliography. Works with your word processor to incorporate in-text references too.

Questions & Answers about EndNote Web

What's the difference between EndNote and EndNote Web? What does WPI provide?

EndNote Web is a bit different from the client software, EndNote Desktop, which some faculty and graduate students use at WPI. The Gordon Library subscribes to EndNote Web, which is a web-based citation management tool. ENW does interact with EndNote.  

As of July 1, 2012 WPI is providing a pilot for EndNote which can be downloaded from \\software\EndNote.

ENW is a great option for serious researchers who wish to share parts of their personal EndNote libraries with others. The EndNote Support web site offers updates for Windows and Mac EndNote users that may be needed in order to get EN to interact with the ENW version.

When using APA 6th edition, how can I get EndNote Web to properly format a reference to a report from a nongovernmental organization?

See Notes about APA 6th and EndNote Web from Thomson for details.

The author is a government agency, how can I get it to format correctly in my bibliography?

For corporate or government authors, add a comma after the name so they will not be manipulated like personal authors. For example, in the author field: Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education,

For corporate authors that have a comma within then insert two commas to maintain both a comma and the corporate name in proper order with the suffix, for instance: University of California,, Berkeley

How do I connect to WPI’s electronic library resources from EndNote Web?

Click on the FullTextFinder link to see retrieval options.

I don't use MS Word, can I use EndNote Web with other word processors such as Open Office or Google Docs?

EndNote Web can format papers written in word processors that can save in Rich Text Format (RTF). This method requires you insert citations manually using brackets, as in this example: {Reeves, 1999}. Then use the Format Paper tool to generate a bibliography.  Learn more ...

For more questions and answers, see the EndNote Web online support site.

For Mac Users

Mac users should be aware that the Safari web browser does not recognize .ris files, which is necessary for successful importing of references. Librarians recommend you use Firefox.

Within the ENW download installers area, there is a plug in for Mac users for Cite While You Write™ which you will need in order to interact with MS Word. Also, you will find Firefox ExtensionUse the EndNote Web toolbar in Firefox. Use this to save online references from websites directly into your library.

Converting References from RefWorks

Converting to EndNote Web from RefWorks

Moving your references from Refworks to EndNote Web is a two stage process:

  1. Export them from Refworks into a file.
  2. Import file into EndNote Web.

First, within RefWorks:

  1. Click References and Export.
  2. Choose All References or a folder from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Bibliographic Software (EndNote, Reference Manager, or ProCite).
  4. Click Export.
  5. You will see a text file which can be transferred into EndNote or EndNote Web.
  6. Save As a .txt or .ris file. You may need to right-click, select all and paste into a Notepad text file and then save.

Within EndNote Web:

  1. Click Collect tab, then Import.
  2. Browse for text file.
  3. Choose RefMan RIS
  4. Select Folder within EndNote Web you'd like the citations to import into, or choose unfiled.

Attachments in RefWorks

EndNote Web doesn't support attachments unless you also have an EndNote Desktop account & use the sync feature (easy to set up and WPI network users are welcome to do this).

Follow the conversion steps listed above then use EndNote's Find Full Text option. For those which don’t have full text, follow up with adding a doi into the record and try to find full text again. For the others or items you may have obtained through Interlibrary Loan, you may have to download the PDF or file from RefWorks one by one and add them.

Librarians are happy to assist if this seems confusing!