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Data Management and Record Keeping

Tools, tips and checklists for creating a data management plan and managing data you generate

What is a Data Management?

Data Management
"The care and maintenance of the data that is produced during the course of a research cycle. It is an integral part of the research process and helps to ensure that your data is properly organized, described, preserved, and shared."

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What is a Data Management Plan?

A data management plan is a document that describes how data on a research project will be managed and organized, both during the project and after it is finished.

A data management plan (DMP) should include the following information:

  • An account of the types of data you plan to create in your project
  • How you will document and organize your data
  • How you will store/manage your data and if necessary, how you will keep it secure
  • How you will manage your data after the completion of the project
  • How you will make your data available for reuse

Consider any policies or intellectual property rights associated with any of the data you are using, and if you are being funded, be sure to check for any requirements regarding data management or DMPs. Data loss is an ongoing problem in the world of research, and ensuring that you are managing your data effectively is an essential part of the project-planning process.

Data Management Resources at WPI

Academic & Research Computing Office: Data Management A well-defined data management strategy is now a must for any research activity. ARC answers the data management needs of the WPI community with powerful tools and services, including,

  • Data collaboration space across institutions

  • Data Management Consultations

  • Data Management Plan Templates

  • Data storage at WPI

  • Back-up, archival, and security

Additional data management resources at WPI:

Note: both the ATC TTL and the IT Helpdesk are located on the main floor of the library.