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What is a Business Memo?

A business memo is used for communication within a company with the purpose of either bringing attention to problems or providing solutions to problems. Memos inform the reader about new company information and are most effective when they connect the purpose of the writer with the interests and needs of the reader.

Business Memo Best Practices

Writing a business memo is an effective tool for leadership teams as it informs employees of important news.

Header -

  • Most companies have a header that signals an internal memo. The term "Memo" or "Memorandum" usually appears left justified or centered on the top of the page.
  • Date:
  • Subject:
  • To:
  • From:

Body -

  • The first paragraph should address the purpose of the memo. "The purpose of the memo is to..."
  • If there is data in your memo, include the data first and then discuss it in the text.
  • Include a brief summary of the problem or need you are addressing with the memo. The body of the memo should expand on this issue.  

Closing -

  • Close with any follow up requirements ir actions you need the recipient to perform.

Books on Business Memos