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Video tutorials on how to do research.

Why watch?

Watch this video to learn how to:

  • create accounts in databases for RSS Feeds and Alerts
  • manage your citations and create bibliographies

Database and Bibliography Generator Accounts

This video is approximately 5 minutes. You can pause or rewind at any time using the controls below.


In this video, we'll learn how to create accounts in various databases, and manage citations and bibliographies.

Let's start with database accounts. You can use database accounts to receive alerts for when new articles are released in topics of interest to you. For example, let's set up an account in ScienceDirect. It can be accessed through the "All Databases & eResources" link on the library website homepage.

In ScienceDirect, choose "My Settings & My Alerts", then choose "Register" to create an account. Most databases available to WPI allow you to create an account, so be sure to look for the "register" button on any database website you visit.

When you make a search in ScienceDirect, you can create an alert or RSS feed of your search topic to be informed when relevant new articles are published.

Now let's talk about online bibliography-generating tools, like Refworks. You can access RefWorks or EndNote Web through the library homepage. On your first visit to RefWorks, you'll need to create an account by providing some basic information. With RefWorks set up, you can export citations directly from a database to your RefWorks account, and keep them organized for ease of use.

After reading the article and making sure it is valuable for your research, check the box next to the citation. Click Export citation and select RefWorks from the list.

You can add references to folders to organize them and get to the article easily through Full Text Finder.

Once you have all of your references in RefWorks, just choose "Create Bibliography", and the style of citation you want to use. You can choose to include all of your saved references, or to use just a specific folder. RefWorks will automatically generate your bibliography for you.

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