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Video tutorials on how to do research.

Why watch?

Watch this video to learn how to:

  • see spaces and places in the library
  • reserve a tech suite

Library Spaces

This video is approximately 4 minutes. You can pause or rewind at any time using the controls below.


Watch this video to

  • See spaces and places within the library
  • Book a Tech Suite

Welcome to the Gordon Library! The library is located off of Boyton Street. When you enter the library, the Information Desk is on your left. Here you can check out books, Tech Suites, and get research help.

When you enter the library, the Technology Help Desk is on your right. Here you can check out laptops and get assistance with computer and printer issues.

You can work individually or in small groups in the Information Commons. Or you can have a group meeting in the Tech Suites. You can book these through your Outlook account.

Add the people you are inviting to the meeting. Then select "Add Rooms" to pick a Tech Suite. Select one of the TEch Suites, which are listed as Library Tech Suite and check to see if it is free. The meeting attendees and the room are all free at this time since the spaces for that hour are empty. Since everyone is free, click "Send" to book the Tech Suite. Then, check out the keys to your Tech Suite at the Information Desk before your meeting.

Books and study spaces are available on the first and third floor. If you have the call number for the book you need, match it up. Call numbers are arranged by letter, then by number.

The Archives have WPI history, like yearbooks as well as a Dickens Collection.

Review the tutorial using the tabs above.

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