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“How To” Workshops

October 29, 2021

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

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As a part of the DEI Team’s Community and Belonging Lab, the ‘How To’ Workshops are a selection of innovative educational opportunities designed to inspire and encourage WPI community members to engage with critical DEI education through instructional, immersive and multimedia workshops. Creatively presented and packed with clear, step-by-step instruction and community building activities, this series is essential for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and skill base.

What we know about the identities of those around us and ourselves, often only scratches the surface of what is truly there. However, when building our self-awareness through identity development, we take a closer look and find that what’s beneath the surface is sometimes quite colorful! Larrie King is a former Design Professor and Creative Director for Glyphix Studio at Kent State University. He was born and raised in northeast Louisiana, where he attended school for design, theatre, and art. Currently he lives in Florida, where he produces digital arts and crafts content as Mister Larrie. Mister Larrie is dedicated to showing others how they might enrich their lives and the lives of those around them by taking that closer look through art and creative exploration.

In this workshop you will be given the space and materials to create your very own pride flag scratchboard by using a handful of art supplies and a little self-reflection. You’ll be re-introduced to the various LGBTQIA+ pride flags, and you’ll learn how to make one that represents you!

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