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ECE 2799: Electrical and Computer Engineering Design: ECE 2799 Getting Started


Welcome!  This research guide is for student enrolled in WPI's ECE2799 course.

A few key sources to begin are:

  1. WPI's list of databases that include significant research and information related to electrical and computer engineering: 
  2. A style guide for citing sources in IEEE format: IEEE Style Guide (or use RefWorks - creating an account using your WPI email address - and let it do some of the work for you!) 

Use this guide to find information to answer the following questions for your ECE 2799 design project:

  1. What are some of the most innovative ideas or products related to your challenge?
  2. What is the market for new products in this area? 
  3. What are the characteristics of the populations in your market?
  4. Are there other products on the market already?  Are there similar patents?
  5. What technology is needed to construct it?
  6. What standards must be used to build it?
  7. Are there government regulations that guide its production and use?

Diverse information sources and perspectives will help you to better understand the problem you are trying to address.  Clear understanding of your problem is critical to developing a feasible solution.

In-Class Resources