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HI 2332: History of Modern American Science and Technology: Journal Articles

Peer Reviewed or Refeered

What are "peer-reviewed" or "refereed" journals?

A peer-reviewed journal is a special type of publication. Before articles are published within these types of journals, they are sent by the editors of the journal to other scholars in the field ("peers"), often anonymously, to get feedback on the quality of the scholarship, review research methods, as well as relevance or importance to the field. The article may be accepted, often with revisions suggested, or rejected for publication.  

Considered the most respected, researchers wish to have their works published in them. Many often have low acceptance rates. 

To find peer reviewed articles, type your keywords into WPI Library Search, and then choose the Peer-Reviewed Journals filter on the left.

Suggested Databases for History

Database Activity:

Divide into groups. In your group, explore one of the databases below. Go to the Advanced Search page. Try searching for a variety of keywords related to your research topic. Try out some of the search filters. What kinds of sources can you find in this database? What do you like about the database? What do you dislike? At the end of this activity, be prepared to give a brief demonstration of the database to the class. 

Examples of History Journals

Only Finding a Citation? Get the Full Text

Within most databases, click on the FullTextFinder link to get options for obtaining the full text of the article.