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These eBook databases allow reading through your browser, and a many allow downloading for offline reading, but not all. 

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Visit the sites below for access to some free, or public domain eBooks, and some searchable eBooks that allow users to view snippets.

Restrictions on Use

Each eBook site has its own terms of use, membership agreement, etc., which you are expected to abide by if you use that site. Please look for links to the terms of use from the beginning page of each of the eBook sites.

  • Typically, you are allowed to download, view, save and/or print portions of eBooks, in reasonable quantity, for personal use, such as for study, research, or teaching.
  • You are not allowed to download entire books. The eBook sites monitor usage, looking especially for any that might be deemed excessive, and they will take steps to curb any usage that they see as excessive and outside the terms of the user agreements.
  • The library will cooperate with the eBook sites to curtail usage that falls outside the terms of the user agreements. If such usage continues, it could result in the termination of WPI's access.

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