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Information on access & registration for SciFinder


SciFinder provides access to the Chemical Abstracts Service database for current WPI faculty, staff, and students.

Not registered? WPI users must create an account with their wpi email account. You must also be on campus (or using VPN) when you register.  Register now. 

See below for important additional information on registration and access for SciFinder.

Help for SciFinder

Comprehensive help is always available from the SciFinder Web toolbar. See also the SciFinder How To Guides.

Registration & Access

  • Current WPI faculty, staff, and students must create their own SciFinder username and password before they can access the web version. You must use a campus IP (i.e be on campus or using VPN) when you create your account, and you must use your "" email address when you register. SciFinder will email to this address instructions for completing your registration. Non-WPI email addresses will not be accepted.
  • Click on Registration to begin.
  • After you have completed your registration, you can access SciFinder at this address, Login with your personal SciFinder username and password.
  • OFF CAMPUS ACCESS:  If you are accessing SciFinder from off campus, you will need to authenticate to the WPI proxy server before you can login to SciFinder.
  • It is a violation of the CAS user agreement to allow unauthorized user access, so do not share the registration link, access address, or your SciFinder username and password with anyone else.


Rules Concerning Use of SciFinder

  • SciFinder may be used only by current WPI faculty, staff, and students. Please do not share the software, registration link or web access address with anyone else. Please do not allow anyone else to use your SciFinder username and password.
  • SciFinder may be used for personal and academic research only. Use of SciFinder for commercial research or for patentability searching is not permitted. Please refer to the SciFinder User Agreement for further information.
  • All users must abide by the terms of the SciFinder User Agreement.