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Great Problems Seminar (GPS): Copyright - Finding and Using Images

Great Problems Seminar (GPS) resources at the library

Copyright and GPS

Students working on WPI projects often have questions about using images, video, and other materials in their projects. Because most projects will be published on the web for all to see, the principle of Fair Use for Educational purposes does not always apply. For online projects, it is not enough to simply cite your source with a citation; copyright permissions are required for works under copyright protection.

If you have a copyright question, please send specifics to the following email address:

Questions could include:

  • Do I need to seek permission to use this image? [Please provide image and information about where you found it.]
  • Can I use this trademarked image in my class presentation?
  • Can this video be linked from my project report?
  • Who owns the copyright to this material that I would like to use in my report?

For more detailed information on Copyright and implications for your academic work at WPI, see:

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Copyright Permission Letter Template for WPI Students

If you find copyrighted material that you want to use in your IQP, you need to ask the copyright holder for permission before you can use it. Open and edit the template below in order to request permission to use copyrighted materials. This letter should be addressed to the copyright holder and should be kept in your files.

You can find more information on Requesting Permission to use copyrighted materials on the WPI Copyright Compliance Policy website: