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IQP Research Guide: Organize & Cite Your Sources

APA Style Guides & Resources

Citations in IQP papers are written in APA format. Here are some resources to help you get started with APA, in addition to a detailed guide with examples available here: 

How to Cite an IQP or MQP in APA Style

For citing IQPs and MQPs, use the format for a published dissertation or master’s thesis:


Author, A. A. (date). Title of project [Report type, Name of Institution]. Database name. URL


Frey, J. P., Lowell Whitehouse, J. M., Rothermel, J. M., & Kendrick, R. S. (2007). Energy profiling for off-grid energization solutions in Namibia [Interactive qualifying project, Worcester Polytechnic Institute]. Digital WPI.

Citation Managers

Before you start your research, it is important for you and your team to determine how you will keep track of the resources you find and how you will manage your citations. A citation manager is a great way to collect and organize your citations. Citation managers allow you to save all of your citations in one place. They also help you create bibliographies and in-text citations. Always double-check citations from citation managers. They sometimes make errors in formatting citations, and you may have to do some manual edits. Here is an example of a citation manager your team may choose to use: