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ECE 2799: Electrical and Computer Engineering Design: Research Resources

Research Resources

Use Browzine to search for journals by title and to browse journals by topic. The Gordon Library recommends searching for journals with the keywords Electrical and Computer Engineering, and then searching within a specific research field (i.e., Computer engineering or nanotechnology).

Here following journals listed below are a sampling of highly regarded in the field of electrical and computer engineering.

Excerpted from Purdue University: "In order to create the best possible solution to a design problem, taking an informed approach is imperative. The IRED model below provides guidance as to what kinds of information is needed at different design stages--the generic design stages are on the left side of the model, and the information activities on the right (see below)". As students move through the varying phases of development & design, consider how each phase brings a new research questions and accompanying information need--and with them, perhaps a new resource or database to explore.

For more information about the IRED model, please see: 
McGill, Lou, et al. “Creating an Information-Rich Learning Environment to Enhance Design Student Learning: Challenges and Approaches.” British Journal of Educational Technology, vol. 36, no. 4, 2005, pp. 629–42,

Excerpted from Purdue University: "When making design decisions, you need to evaluate the quality of information and its importance to the project.  Two facets of the information that can be evaluated are its trustworthiness and relevance.  Trustworthiness include the analyzing the source, audience-level, currency, i.e., the categories in the left column.  Relevance relates to the appropriateness of the data to the actual project under consideration, as described in the right hand column".

Fosmire, M. (n.d.). Library Guides: Information-Rich Engineering Design : Select Preferred Solution/Assess Technologies and Approaches.