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Academic & Research Integrity: WPI Academic Integrity Policies for Faculty and Students

This is a guide for learning more about academic and research integrity, both in a general sense and specific to the policies at WPI.

What to Expect in Your Courses

According to WPI's Faculty Guide to Academic Integrity, faculty members are encouraged to "outline their policies concerning evaluation procedures and their expectations pertaining to academic integrity at the beginning of each course."

The guide emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between what constitutes academic dishonesty in group work and in individual assignments.

For each class, check your syllabus to see if an academic integrity policy is described for the class, paying specific attention to the rules on collaboration on assignments. If there is no section of the syllabus providing this information, or if you have any questions about the policy for that particular course, ask your teacher for the course. 


WPI's Academic Integrity Policy

The full WPI Student Code of Conduct is located here, and includes the full text of the current academic integrity policy, as well as information on students' judicial records.

Your Judicial Records

Students' judicial records involving cases of academic dishonesty cannot be shared externally (with potential employers, transfer schools, etc.) without the student's written consent. They can, however, be shared internally as appropriate, to determine prior instances of academic dishonesty at WPI.