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Find Articles after Graduation or Retirement: Welcome

How to find and access articles and other information resources after leaving WPI

What's In This Guide

After you graduate or retire from WPI, you’ll lose access to the hundreds of thousands of paid resources that the Gordon Library provides to the WPI community. If you’re going on to study, research, or work somewhere that has access to the same or even more resources than WPI, that’s great! But what if your next stop can’t afford the high cost of information or doesn’t provide this service? You may not be able to access resources that you need: scholarly articles for your ongoing research, medical literature for personal health questions, consumer data for business proposals, and much more.

This guide shares ways that you can find and access articles and other information resources after you leave WPI.

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Why Do You Lose Access to Articles after You Graduate or Retire?

pricing table onlineInformation isn’t free, and published research--including many of the articles that you’ve used while at WPI--is often very expensive. On behalf of the Institute, the Gordon Library pays several million dollars a year for access to these resources for the WPI community. When you leave WPI, you lose access because of legally binding licenses for these resources with information vendors and publishers, which restrict access to only current members of the WPI community—including currently enrolled students and currently employed faculty and staff.

Image pricing table by Creative Stall from the Noun Project


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