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HU3900: Integrating the Humanities in STEM Education : Research Activity

Research Activity

Research Activity:

  • Work with your groups.
  • Choose one of the following databases: 
  • With your group, search for a source (such as a journal article, book, book chapter, conference paper, etc.) related to your research topic.
  • Keep track of your research process: What keywords did you use? What search filters did you use?
  • Find a source that seems relevant to your topic. Identify the citation pieces for that source. (If the source you are citing does not have one of the pieces of information listed below, leave it blank and move on to the next piece on the list.) 
    • Author.
    • Title of source.
    • Title of container,
    • Other contributors,
    • Version,
    • Number,
    • Publisher,
    • Publication date,
    • Location.
  • Source evaluation: Why do you consider this source to be credible?
  • Be prepared to describe your research process and your source evaluation to the class.