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Zine Making at WPI: Digital Zine Archives

This guide is designed to help you learn more about zines -- what they are, how to make them, where to find digitized and digital zines, and opportunities to make zines at the Gordon Library.

Digital Zine Archives & Libraries

These digital zine archives and libraries contain digitized zines created by more than one zine creator or distro (zine distributor). They are listed alphabetically and represent only a small sampling of zine libraries and archives available. 

Zines Available to Browse Online

These zines share a creator, editor, or distributor and are available to view digitally. They are listed alphabetically and are only a small sampling of zines available.

More Places to Look for Zines

Additional places to look for zines:

  • Many of the linked archives and libraries have a social media presence on Twitter or Instagram where they share other zines.
  • Search for "Zine Fests" in your area. Zine Fests bring together zine makers, vendors, and artists to celebrate, exchange, and sell zines. Some Zine Fests have pivoted to virtual during the pandemic, which means they're accessible regardless of your geographic location. 
  • Search for zines available for purchase. Zine makers may also share their social media handles or websites with free zines or zine previews.
  • supports many digital and digitized zines.