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What are cited references?

When scholars and researchers publish scholarly articles, there is a bibliography of works that were used to inform their research. This bibliography is also referred to as Cited Work or References. Bibliographies are a useful way to look at past research that is relevant to that article. Cited reference searching (or times cited) is a way to look at more current research that cited the article you are interested in.

Why search for cited references?

Cited reference searching allows researchers to:

  • travel forward in time from a published work and view citations that reference back to an original source (article, book, conference presentation, patent)
  • understand impact of a work (journal article, conference paper, book) as indicated by subsequent citations by other scholars in the field
  • track development of a theory over the years
  • identify core researchers in a field

Following a citation trail

Following a citation trail, or looking at the references in a paper and then looking at the references of that paper, is a great way to do research and find papers in the same field.

Citing articles are references that take you forward in time from that article. You can do this through a cited reference search.


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