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Assessing Research Impact: Tools to Meaure Impact

This guide will provide a basic overview of tools you can use to understand research impact, and tools you can use to manage your impact.

Author Impact

Article Impact

Cited reference searching can be used to find out if an article, book, journal, or particular author has been cited by another work.

Journal Impact

Journal rankings and impact factors are quantitative measures for evaluating the performance of a journal in its field. Measuring journal impact is not an exact science and should be used with an understanding of its limitations and challenges.


CiteScore Metrics - CiteScore  is based on the number of citations received in previous 4 years to 5 peer-reviewed document types (articles, reviews, conference papers, data papers, and book chapters) by a journal in the same four years, divided by the number peer-reviewed documents indexed in Scopus and published in those same four years.

Eigenfactor and Article Influence ranks the influence of journals and articles much as Google’s PageRank algorithm ranks the influence of web pages. By this approach, journals are considered to be influential if they are cited often by other influential journals