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EndNote Online Support

Questions & Answers

What's the latest version of EndNote?

EndNote X7 came out Summer 2013. For macs, x7 comes out late Sept/early Oct.

The author is a government agency, how can I get it to format correctly in my bibliography?

For corporate or government authors, add a comma after the name so they will not be manipulated like personal authors. For example, in the author field:

  • Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education,

For corporate authors that have a comma within then insert two commas to maintain both a comma and the corporate name in proper order with the suffix, for instance:

  • University of California,, Berkeley

How do I import my RefWorks references into EndNote?

Check out EndNote support which shows the steps but be aware that full text attachments within RefWorks will not be transferred. 

How do I import from Google Scholar?

Check out EndNote support which shows the steps. You can go to Scholar settings (small cogwheel in upper right) and choose EndNote as your Bibliography Manager.

I don't use MS Word, can I use EndNote with other word processors such as Open Office or Google Docs?

You can use the "Format Paper" feature in EndNote to format RTF (rich text format) files created by these and many other word processors including  OpenOffice and others.