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CH 1020: Chemical Reactions: Chemistry Careers

Resources on chemical reactions

Careers in Chemistry

It is never too early to start thinking about your career after college.  This tab has links to websites with numerous resources to help you figure out your career in chemistry, such as different career paths you can consider, self-assessment tools, stories from people working in different careers, and advice to help you find and land your first job.

To access to Career Pathways, you will need to purchase a membership with the American Chemical Society.  There are discounts for students.  You also can access another tool called ChemIDP, an individual development plan to help you assess your skills, learn what skills are important for success, and set career goals.  You would also have access to more literature and resources on the ACS website.

Chemistry Careers | What You Can Do With Your Chem Degree

This video talks about various skills required to be successful in a chemistry career.  It also gives advice about planning while you are in college, like pursuing internships and networking, so that you will be better prepared upon your graduation.

Chemistry Career Scope - Job Opportunities in Chemistry

This video talks about skills required to be successful in a chemistry career.  It also talks about what chemists do in various jobs.