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GOV 210X: Engineering and Public Policy 1 : Introduction

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Engineers working on plans, 1959

"Engineers working on plans, 1959" by Seattle Municipal Archives is licensed under CC BY 2.0

"Twenty-first century engineers tackle complex problems influenced by not only technology but also social systems. In order to develop sustainable solutions, there is a need to understand the interface between engineering and societal processes such as public policy. This course examines the interactions between engineering and public policy, and introduces students to the concepts, tools and methods involved in public policy making and policy analysis to understand policy impact on engineering domains. This course serves as a bridge between engineering and public policy." 

For a full listing of GOV-related courses, please see Department of Social Sciences and Policy Studies: GOV Course Descriptions.

From the Department of Social Sciences and Policy Research: 

"You must understand society to effectively address our global grand challenges. Toward this end, the Social Science & Policy Studies (SSPS) department prepares students to understand human behavior and cognition, the environment, sustainable development, policy design and evaluation, and systems thinking. Through our teaching and student research opportunities, we cultivate professionals who have a deep understanding of the social impacts of science, technology, and innovation. 

Our dedicated faculty offers students unique opportunities to make connections between societal concerns and technology through faculty-led research and student projects. To prepare themselves professionally, many of our students will double major in a technical field and a complementary SSPS-related degree. We also offer a variety of minors that can be uniquely paired with any major."

For a full description of programs and courses on offer, please refer to the Department of Social Science & Policy Studies

Bultaco engine exploded view"Bultaco engine exploded view" by twm1340 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0