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WPI Wikipedia Editing Community: Training

Video: Introduction to Wikipedia Editing

Video: Science and storytelling: Why who we talk about matters (Wikimania 2021)

Project Ideas

Where to start

  • The Community portal includes lists of editing tasks you can work on including adding images, fixing links, and more.
  • Template messages\Cleanup: These messages are used to notify other editors that an entry could use some work.

Like to write?

Like to do research?

How to Begin

Create an AccountYou do not need to register a username to edit, but registration is strongly encouraged.

  • Please review the username policy page on Wikipedia before choosing your Wikipedia name!
  • As you compare the pros and cons of using one's own name or a pseudonym on Wiki see this article for additional insight:
  • When you create a new account, you have certain privileges. Once you have been active in Wikipedia with your new account, you can attain certain access levels, which include the ability to start a new article. All of this (including the intricacies of what those privileges can be) is outlined on the User Access Levels page.


Basic Editing - Training

If you are quite new to editing Wikipedia, watch these videos (created in the context of the ArtAndFeminism Wikipedia:Meetup):


More in-depth topics


You can also review these Wikipedia Training Modules or these Professional Development Training Modules to get ready to edit.



Most of the content referenced is sourced from the Wikipedia help documentation.