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Art History: Online Art Images

JSTOR: Images

JSTOR Images

Use JSTOR Images to browse and search for art from around the world. 

Images on JSTOR are divided into 16 classification terms. (Images characterized by more than one term will appear in multiple classification groups.) Under each classification below, use the filters on the left in JSTOR to further narrow down your search. Not every image in this database may be considered art, so use the filters and search by keyword to find relevant images.

You can also search JSTOR Images by geographic location. 

Websites for Finding Art Images

Art Museum Websites

Many museum websites provide online images of the works in their collections. Here are some examples:

Additional Online Collections

Painting titled "The Harbor" by Josef PresserThe Harbor 

by Josef Presser, ca. 1943

Public Domain

Available for viewing online at JSTOR Images and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Photo of a statue of a standing Buddha

Standing Buddha 

ca. 8th Century, Korea

Public Domain

Available for viewing online at the Metropolitan Museum of Art