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Pandemics and Intellectual Discourse: Engineering/Technical Perspectives

Highlighted Articles

science of the total environment     Ibarra-Vega, D. (2020). Lockdown, one, two, none, or smart. Modeling containing covid-19 infection. A conceptual model. Science of the Total Environment, 730, Article 138917. 
JBJS      Vaid, S., Cakan, C., & Bhandari, M. (2020). Using Machine Learning to Estimate Unobserved COVID-19 Infections in North AmericaThe Journal of bone and joint surgery. 




environment systems & decisions     Keenan, J. M. (2020). COVID, resilience, and the built environment. Environment Systems and Decisions. 

JOS   Currie, C. S. M., Fowler, J. W., Kotiadis, K., Monks, T., Onggo, B. S., Robertson, D. A., & Tako, A. A. (2020). How simulation modelling can help reduce the impact of COVID-19Journal of Simulation. 

Selected Journal Articles

Carlaw, S. (2020). Impact on biometrics of Covid-19. Biometric Technology Today, 2020(4), 8-9. 
Cuevas, E. (2020). An agent-based model to evaluate the COVID-19 transmission risks in facilities. Computers in Biology and Medicine, 121. 
Ding, X.-R., Clifton, D., Ji, N., Lovell, N. H., Bonato, P., Chen, W., Yu, X., Xue, Z., Xiang, T., Long, X., Xu, K., Jiang, X., Wang, Q., Yin, B., Feng, G., & Zhang, Y. (2020). Wearable Sensing and Telehealth Technology with Potential Applications in the Coronavirus Pandemic. IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering. 
Filipi, A., Gutierrez-Aguirre, I., Primc, G., Mozeti, M., & Dobnik, D. (2020). Cold Plasma, a New Hope in the Field of Virus Inactivation. Trends in Biotechnology. 
Kim, R. Y. (2020). The Impact of COVID-19 on Consumers: Preparing for Digital Sales. IEEE Engineering Management Review 
Madurai Elavarasan, R., & Pugazhendhi, R. (2020). Restructured society and environment: A review on potential technological strategies to control the COVID-19 pandemic. Science of theTotal Environment. 
Meinert, E., Milne-Ives, M., Surodina, S., & Lam, C. (2020). Agile requirements engineering and software planning for a digital health platform to engage the effects of isolation caused by social distancing: Case studyJournal of Medical Internet Research, 22(5), Article e19297. 
Mittal, R., Ni, R., & Seo, J.-H. (2020). The flow physics of COVID-19. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 894. 
Morales-Narvaez, E., & Dincer, C. (2020). The impact of biosensing in a pandemic outbreak: COVID-19. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 163. 
Naude, W. (2020). Artificial intelligence vs COVID-19: limitations, constraints and pitfalls. AI and Society 
Rubio-Romero, J. C., Pardo-Ferreira, M. d. C., Torrecilla-Garcia, J. A., & Calero-Castro, S. (2020). Disposable masks: Disinfection and sterilization for reuse, and non-certified manufacturing, in the face of shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic. Safety Science, 129. 
Shi, F., Wang, J., Shi, J., Wu, Z., Wang, Q., Tang, Z., He, K., Shi, Y., & Shen, D. (2020). Review of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Imaging Data Acquisition, Segmentation and Diagnosis for COVID-19. IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering.
Shokrani, A., Loukaides, E. G., Elias, E., & Lunt, A. J. G. (2020). Exploration of alternative supply chains and distributed manufacturing in response to COVID-19; a case study of medical face shields. Materials and Design, 192. 
Wesemann, C., Pieralli, S., Fretwurst, T., Nold, J., Nelson, K., Schmelzeisen, R., Hellwig, E., & Spies, B. C. (2020). 3-D printed protective equipment during COVID-19 pandemic. Materials, 13(8). 

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