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LGBTQIA+ Heritage Month

Finding Scholarly Resources

Search WPI LIBRARY SEARCH for books, articles, media and more!


Suggested search terms and keywords:

Gay liberation movement          Gay rights ​                 Gender identity           Hate crimes                         

Homophobia                              Homosexuality           Queer theory             Sexual orientation                 

Same-sex marriage                   Sexual minority          Transgenderism        Sexuality                        

Gordon Library Featured LGBTQ+ Book Collection

The Gordon Library invites you to browse our LGTBQ+ e-book collection! Resources have been curated to provide support in subject areas such as Black LGTBQ+, trans & gender Identity, marriage & adoption equality, minorities, culture, & region specific LGTBQ+ issues, other general LGTBQ+ resources, and some LGTBQ+ fiction for recreational reading. This collection is not a reflection of all LGTBQ+ resources available at Gordon Library. We hope you enjoy!  

Multicultrual Affairs Literature Spotlight

Follow the Office of Multicultural Affairs on Instagram at wpi_oma as Mia-Kay Fuller, Assistant Director in OMA, share their two literature spotlights: