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Preprint Servers: How To Post a Preprint?

Information about open access and scholarly publishing

How to Post a Preprint

  1.  Find a preprint server Ex: ASAP Directory of Preprint Servers
  2. Explore submission guidelines
  3. Select a license

For more information for preprint authors, see Recommendations for Authors and the accompanying blog post.

Can I Publish In A Journal After Posting A Preprint?

 Many, but not all, publishers allow preprint posting of manuscripts then later submitted to their journals for publication. Some publishers such as BMJ and Springer Nature encourage preprint archiving. Use the resources listed below for a quick check for specific journal/publisher policies on preprints, and it is wise to also check the current policy in the author instructions for any journal you are preparing to submit to. 

Will Posting A Preprint Affect my Funding?

Tools for Reviewing Preprints