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Faith and Spirituality: Home

Welcome to the Faith and Spirituality LibGuide! This guide highlights resources and information about religion and spirituality reflected currently on campus

Gold status of Buddha in a row. Text reads: Faith & Spirituality.

Religious Organizations on Campus

Collegiate Religious Center (CRC)

Picture of the a tan house like building with stone steps and a Pride flag hanging on the porch. The sign reads WPI Collegiate Religious Center

Located at 19 Schussler Road, the Collegiate Religious Center (CRC) provides a space to WPI students, faculty, staff, alumni, and their guests for the purpose of religious exploration, devotions, worship, prayer, education, administration, and fellowship.

Room with two chairs, a prayer rug, and a bookcase in the corner.

The Collegiate Religious Center offers an Islamic Prayer Room with a connecting restroom with a shower and a shoe rack

Picture of a room with wood floors, white walls, and a large rectangle conference table with 8 chairs.

The Collegiate Religious Center offers a conference room/tech suite (Multifaith Meeting Space)

Picture of a room with a large oriental rub. A sofa and chairs line the walls and two desk-like tables are in the back of the room. A podium with a plan sits in the center of the room.

The Collegiate Religious Center offers a Multifaith Mindfulness Space with a table and chairs

Picture of a common room with soft chairs and a sofa. A TV hangs above the fireplace. In the back of the room is a conference table and chairs.

The Collegiate Religious Center offers a comfortable common room with a TV, sofas, chairs, and conference table

Picture of a kitchen with oak cabinets and white appliances. Each cabinet has a label indicating what is inside.

The Collegiate Religious Center offers a vegan kitchen well-stocked with appliances and utensils