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Graduate Student Information & Resources: Research Ethics

Information about library resources available to graduate students.

Online Resources for Research Ethics

Books on Research Ethics

Here is a sample of books on research ethics that are available in the Gordon Library collection.  To find more books on the topic, use the search box in the left hand column.

WPI Policy on Research Conduct

WPI Policy on Research Conduct

“Supervisors must enforce the highest standards for conducting research and creating and maintaining records of the research. The risk of misconduct increases in an environment where there is a lack or deficiency of supervision. Specifically, faculty supervisors, principal investigators, laboratory and center directors and Department Heads, should clearly articulate standards and protocols for research, scholarship, and creative work, through discussion and review of research, and, when possible, with written guidelines and training that adhere to best practices.” (p.1)

WPI Library Search

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Retraction Watch

Retraction Watch  is a blog that documents the multitude of research papers withdrawn from scientific journals. Retraction Watch was started by The Center for Scientific Integrity, a non-profit group, funded by such organizations as the MacArthur Foundation, says its mission is to, “promote transparency and integrity in science and scientific publishing, and to disseminate best practices and increase efficiency in science.
Check the Retraction Watch website to see the latest in retractions from scientific papers, and the resulting fallout.

Research misconduct exposed! Fascinating examples of retracted papers:

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