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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion resources from WPI's Gordon Library

Campus and Library Services

Resources and services available at WPI include, but are not limited to:

  • Alternate format media
  • Dining accomodations
  • Housing accomodations
  • Temporary accomodations
  • Testing-based accomodations
  • Note taking assistance

You’re encouraged to utilize Accessibility Services as a resource, and to connect with us early and often. We offer several different accommodations and support systems to help make your time at WPI as smooth and successful as possible.  If you need help accessing any information or forms on our website, we will gladly assist you.  Please contact us by phone at 508-831-4908, by email at, or by visiting 124 Daniels Hall.

More information can be found at WPI's Accessibility Services homepage.

Finding Scholarly Resources

Search WPI LIBRARY SEARCH for books, articles, media and more!


Suggested search terms and keywords: 

Ableism                          Accessibility                          Assistive technology             Barrier-free design           

Disabled persons           Developmental disability       Disability studies                   Invisible disability               

Learning disabilities       Neurodiversity                       Neurotypical                          Special education



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