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MKT 500: Marketing Management - Prof. Kasouf: Project-Specific Resources

Project-Specific Search Tips

In the boxes below, I have listed additional sources of information for each project, as well as project-specific search tips. You should use these sources in conjunction with those on the other pages within this guide. The sources listed on this page are typically not academic sources. They are government websites or websites for other stakeholders for your topic.

Remember to take advantage of the advanced search tips to make your searching more efficient and effective. Also, on any of these sites, look for links to research, statistics, reports, publications, or library.

Finally, if the journal article you want is not available full-text in that database (you don't see a link to HTML full-text or PDF full-text), we can still get that article full-text for you. First, find and click on the Full Text Finder icon. This will search all the library's databases and if the article is available full-text in another databases, it will come up for you. If not, you can order the article for free through Interlibrary Loan. That process will get you a full-text PDF version of the article in a few days. There is a link to the interlibrary loan form in the box in the left column of this page.

ILLiad: Borrowing from other Libraries

Our Interlibrary Loan service allows WPI students and faculty to request items from other libraries free of charge.

Air Transportation

Here is a list of some of the government agencies and stakeholders for your project. Also, I've added two of our databases specific to this project

If you search for pilot fatigue, make sure to put it in quotes for phrase searching, otherwise you get lots of results for pilot studies on fatigue. Some keywords to use with pilot fatigue, might be detection, measurement, and/or prevention. Use drug use, drug abuse, or substance abuse for that aspect of the topic.


The legal sale of recreational marijuana is a relatively new industry. You may not find a lot of academic research on the industry. Search in several database for industry analysis. There may be a lot written in popular press. When you search in a database, use the source type filter to get to newspaper  articles and magazines. Dispensaries seems to be the most common term for the marijuana is sold. Try shops and stores, as well. Some of the databases listed for the Consumer Industry, could be applicable to your industry. Statista actually has statistics on drug use and for recreational marijuana. Search for each of those topics, using quotations around each in order to do a phrase search. Here are some additional online sources to try:

CDL Transportation

Here are some specific CDL resources. A major stakeholder in this industry would be worker trade unions, such as the Teamsters. How are unions addressing the issue of substance abuse and drug testing for their members? How would you need to market SOBEREYE to these unions so that they support this technology?


Here are some construction industry specific websites. A major stakeholder in this industry would be worker trade unions, such as the Teamsters, Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA), and the North America's Building Trades Unions. How are these unions addressing the issue of substance abuse and drug testing for their members? How would you need to market SOBEREYE to these unions so that they support this technology?


For this topic, I focused on teenagers, affluent families and drug use, since that's probably the target market for SOBEREYE. These sites are just some of the many sites that deal with drug abuse among teens. You'll probably find lots of statistics, reports and research. For the specific aspect of teen drug use among affluent families, you'll want to go back to some of the other databases for additional scholarly research  on that aspect of the topic..

Drug Rehabilitation

There are many, many professional associations for drug/addiction counseling workers, such as the Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC) , American Rehabilitation Counseling Association, and the National Rehabilitation Counseling Association. These professional associations would be major stakeholder in this industry.  How would you need to market SOBEREYE to these associations so that they support this technology? Here are drug rehabilitation specific resources.

Shared Economy Transportation

This industry goes by many different names. I found Transportation Network Companies (TNC), ridesharing, ridesourcing, and ride-hailing. Try several of them to make sure you're finding all the information that's out there. Also, try some of those names with a hyphen in between, or as two separate words. You might also try searching the company websites for ridesharing companies, such as Uber and Lyft, to see if there is any useful information about the industry.

There are no national regulations for this industry; some states have regulations. So you'll have to find articles or reports about regulating the industry. What are the pros and cons of regulation? What should regulations cover? What are the details of any state regulations? Try some of those term in the statistical databases. Although it's a new industry, there may be industry statistics for it.