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HU 3900: Life in the Nuclear Age: Journal Articles

Peer Reviewed or Refeered

What are "peer-reviewed" journals?

A peer-reviewed journal is a respected publication. Before articles are published within these types of journals, they are sent by the editors of the journal to other scholars in the field ("peers"), often anonymously, to get feedback on the quality of the scholarship, review research methods, as well as relevance or importance to the field. The article may be accepted, often with revisions suggested, or rejected for publication. Many peer-reviewed journals have low acceptance rates. 

Peer-reviewed articles are typically substantial in length (often 10 pages or more) and typically have many citations. 

To find peer reviewed articles in WPI Library Search, enter your keywords and then choose the Peer-Reviewed Journals filter on the left.

screenshot of the Peer-reviewed Journals filter in the WPI Library Search

Examples of Peer-Reviewed Journals

Suggested Databases

Use these databases to find journal articles, books, and book chapters on humanities topics.

To find more history databases and electronic resources, check out the History Databases. You may also want to look at the Humanities & Arts Databases.

Examples of Journal Articles