BUS 517: Graduate Qualifying Project

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Quick Clip Analysis of Market Research


Watch this video to:
Learn about library resources for marketing.
Discover key databases in market analysis research.

To access library resources, go to: www.wpi.edu/+library

The “Search” box is designed to be the landing point for research through the library. You can find specialized market research databases under the more search options: databases by Subject.

Databases By Subject
Browsing the “Databases by Subject” will enable you to find subject specific databases. You can either choose the subject in the drop down or select it within the “Browse” box. For marketing resources, choose either “Business & Management,” “Company Information,” or “Industry Information.” For this project we are going to begin with the “Company Information” page (libguides.wpi.edu/company).

Summon is a great place to start when searching for articles. However, for a more specific search, choose company databases like Business & Company, Hoovers, and other top sources.

We will explore some of these resources, starting with “Business & Company Resource Center.”

Business & Company Resource Center
Before you access this page, you will be prompted to log in through WPI CCC login page if you are not on campus.  For more information about off-campus access, go to libguides.wpi.edu/offcampus. You can do a quick company search; for this example I used Nintendo. Here you will find some articles on the company, including some sales and marketing information. The tabs across the top will lead to useful articles and reference sources.
An important section here is the “rankings” tab. The “Rankings” tab will have both the Business Rankings and the Market Share for the company, which will be useful in your research.

Hoover's Company Profiles
Next we will explore “Hoover’s Company Profiles” to find SEC filings which may include details on product sales, competitors, and more.

Hoovers is another company information database the library subscribes to. From here you get an overview of the company, Industry Information, Financials, as well as some information about competitors. After you have found some information using Hoover’s, let’s move onto LexisNexis Academic.

LexisNexis Academic
LexisNexis is another useful tool.  You can either use the “Get Company Info” box, or use the “Power Search” option (pictured here). Under the “Terms & Connectors” you can search for Nintendo Wii units sold (*w/5= within 5 words), then select your source.  Example: “Major World Publications.”
Important things to note while reading:
Glean information on the marketing strategy from articles as well as specific details.
Keep your eye open for Market Research Companies named in articles as well as important figures to then perform a basic Google search on the terms.
Follow up on research firms to find more details within press releases, blogs, or websites.

Business and Management Databases
To find more information on the Theory and Practice piece of your assignment, head over to the “Business and Management” databases.

Within the “Business and Management” category, Top Sources include: Business Source Premier, Business File ASAP, and LexisNexis Academic.
*Reminder: Use word or phrase variations for best results.

From here you will refine and evaluate sources to determine whether they are by or for scholars or practitioners. You can use the left hand navigation to narrow your search results. When reviewing content, check for publication type, audience, and scope to determine whether or not the source is scholarly.

Having trouble accessing the information from off-campus? Visit: http://libguides.wpi.edu/offcampus

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