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BUS 517: Graduate Qualifying Project

Market Share, Size or Trends

Often web & database searches will lead you to specific product information such as market share or size. Try searches such as:

("market share" OR "market size" OR sales OR "units sold") AND (iPhone OR droid OR android)

TIP: Follow up on market research firms mentioned to find additional information or press releases which may have more detail.

Finding Product Specific Information

Dig deeper to find product specific information:

  • 10-K reports: check Management Discussion & Analysis section, search through entire 10-K for product to try to find sales figures and trends in product adoption 
  • Corporate websites: Investors Relations section, look for annual report to shareholders
  • News & transcripts: find name of marketing executives within LexisNexis Academic & other news & web sources and potential impact of marketing initiatives
  • Product evaluation sources: Consumersearch, Consumer Reports, and other similar product comparison sites

Web Search Examples

Web Searching: Use synonyms

(distribution OR alliances OR partnerships OR vendors OR "marketing channels") AND (iphone OR smartphone) 

Try also specific partners:

AT&T iPhone distribution

Google Web Search