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HI 1330: Introduction to the History of Science and Technology: Home

What's In This Guide

This guide is designed to help you with your research for HI 1330: Introduction to the History of Science and Technology. Use the tabs above or the links below to navigate this guide. This guide contains information on:

  • Research Resources
    • This page includes information on databases, books, journals, and primary sources related to the history of science and technology.
  • Search & Evaluation Strategies
    • ​​​​​​​This page includes information on choosing keywords, finding background information, and evaluating your sources for credibility. 
  • Citation Guidance
    • ​​​​​​​This page contains an introduction to why and when to use citations, as well as information on how to format Chicago style citations. 

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Image of an early Chinese compass from page 60 of "The science-history of the universe" (1909)

Image on an early Chinese compass from page 60 of the book The Science-History of the Universe. Uploaded to Flickr by the Internet Archive.

In the book, the text appearing before the image says:

as not until about the twelfth century that the discovery was made that a suspended magnet will assume a north and south position. The compass, said to have been introduced into Europe from China, appeared first about 1190. 

Book Citation:

Rolt-Wheeler, Francis, ed. The Science-History of the Universe. New York: Current Literature Publishing Company, 1909.