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CH 1010: Chemical Properties, Bonding, and Forces: Technical Writing

General Tips for Technical Writing

  • Always keep your audience and purpose in mind.
  • Be concise and clear.
  • Avoid personal pronouns ("I," "we," etc.) and avoid a conversational tone.
  • Use the American Chemical Society style guide linked below to get a better sense of the type of writing that is acceptable for scholarly journal articles in the field of chemistry.
  • Browse some of the popular chemistry journals and read through some of the articles within. Pay attention to writing style and organization.
  • Make an appointment with the WPI Writing Center for additional help.

The American Chemical Society (ACS) Style Guide

The ACS Style Guide (2006 edition):

Other Technical Writing Guides

Writing is an important skill to clearly communicate your work in any field and chemistry is no exception.  Here are a few links to resources to help you with writing about your research in the best possible way.

Write Like a Chemist

A Short Guide to Writing About Chemistry