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WR 1011: Writing About Science & Technology: APA Citations

APA Resources & Sample Papers

Reference Examples

Newspaper and Magazine Articles:


Author, A. A. (Year, Month Day). Title of article. Name of Newspaper or Magazine. URL


Joseph, Y. (2018, August 11). Amid Europe’s heat wave, rare flamingos lay first eggs in 15 years. The New York Times.

Bolakhe, S. (2022, January 28). Lego robot with an organic 'brain' learns to navigate a maze. Scientific American.

Journal Articles:


Author Last Name, First Initial. (Year, Month Day). Article title. Journal Name, Volume(Issue), Pages. DOI or URL


Janke, B., Finlay, J., & Hobbie, S. (2017, July 30). Trees and streets as drivers of urban stormwater nutrient pollution. Environmental Science & Technology, 51(17), 9569-9579.



Author.* (Year, Month Day).** Title of the webpage. Website name. URL

*If no author is listed, use the organization as the author.

**If no date is listed, use (n.d.) in place of the date.


Silverberg, D. (2020, March 24). Could synthetic fish be a better catch of the day? BBC News.

Natural Resources Defense Council. (2017). Protect waterways from power plants. 

White paper with a group author:


Name of Department. (date). Title of report [White paper]. Name of Institution. URL


Department for Business Innovation & Skills. (2016). Success as a knowledge economy: Teaching excellent, social mobility and student choice [White paper]. Crown.

White paper with an individual author:


Author Last Name, First Initial. (date). Title of report [White paper]. Name of Institution. URL


Furst, M., & DeMillo, R. A. (2006). Creating symphonic-thinking computer science graduates for an increasingly competitive global environment [White paper]. Georgia Tech College of Computing.

APA Citations (7th Edition): Videos and Slides

APA Citations: Part 1

This video covers the following topics:

  • What is APA?
  • How to format APA citations for your reference list


APA Citations: Part 2

This video covers the following topics:

  • How to format in-text citations in APA Style
  • Where to find more information about APA citations

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