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HU 3900: Inquiry Seminar on the Literature of WPI’s Project Centers : WPI Library Search

Professor Kris Boudreau

WPI Library Search

Use WPI Library Search to find a wide variety of sources, including books, ebooks, and journal articles. Enter your search terms and then use the filters on the left to narrow your search down by resource type, publication date, etc. 

Search for books, articles, media and more!


Search Techniques for WPI Library Search

Use these search terms to narrow or broaden your search:

media AND bias
Narrows the search to entries containing both terms.
beer OR wine
Broadens the search to entries containing either term.
bat NOT baseball
Excludes entries containing the second term.
“ ”
“social work”
Retrieves results containing the exact phrase in quotes.
Wildcard: Retrieves both globalization and globalisation.
Truncation: Retrieves doctor, doctors, doctored.

WPI Library Search

WPI Library Search is a powerful search tool to streamline your library research. Entering terms into a single search box yields results that include: books and e-books, research and news articles, project reports, electronic theses and dissertations, archival materials, patents, open access collections and more.