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HU 3900: Inquiry Seminar on the Literature of WPI’s Project Centers : Research Activity

Professor Kris Boudreau

Research Activity

Research Activity:

  • Work with your groups.
  • Choose one of the following databases: 
  • With your group, search for an article (or book or book chapter or conference paper) related to one of your research topics. Which research topic did you choose?
  • Keep track of your research process: What keywords did you use? What search filters did you use?
  • Find a source that seems relevant to your topic. Identify the citation pieces for that source: 
    • Author.
    • Title of source.
    • Title of container,
    • Other contributors,
    • Version,
    • Number,
    • Publisher,
    • Publication date,
    • Location.
  • Source evaluation: Why do you consider this source to be credible?
  • Be prepared to describe your research process and your source evaluation to the class.