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Library Academic Strategies (LAS) Assessment Templates : Assessment Design & Tools

This LibGuide covers a variety of information literacy assessment modalities. Feel free to utilize this LibGuide as though it were a Sandbox, and use your discretion to add anything of relevance as you come across it!

Information Literacy Assessment Plans--Asynchronous "One-Shot" Evaluation

  • Asynchronous ‘One-shot’ Embedded in Course LMS (Canvas).  
  • Pre/ Post "instruction" Survey regarding the student research process, strategies, and sources. 
  • ‘One-shot’ instruction broken into a series of short videos w/ graded quizzes

  • Camtasia for video production. 
  • Echo360 for the creation of gated videos. 
    • Leveraging institutional tools. 
    • Seamless LMS integration; automatic grading. 
    • Instructor flexibility (I.e., instructional ‘sandbox’). 

The following screen-shots were taken from Echo360, our institutional tool for embedding quiz questions--which can be integrated and graded automatically with our Canvas LMS--into video tutorials.





The following screenshots were snapped from our institutional Canvas site. The first image is a snapshot of the back-end of Canvas and shows the general layout of an IL assessment module. The second image is a snapshot of the video tutorials, created in Camtasia, and embedded with questions from Echo360.

Sample Source Criticism Video

Sample Peer-Review Video

Sample Search Strategies Video