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Student Assistant Guide

The Library Website

Use the library homepage for all questions related to where to find books, articles, journals, tech suites, research appointments, and more!

Curbside Assistance

Curbside assistance is a service we implemented to allow patrons to pick up their materials without needing to come into the building. If someone calls on the phone and requests to pick up their book without coming inside, we will deliver it to them. They are required to pull their car up to the front of the building, OR we can leave the book on a cart outside, either option is available. Refer to a supervisor or a staff member when this service is requested. 


3 hour loans

  • Reserve books, headphones, HDMI cables, phone chargers, and graphing calculators are checked out for a maximum of 3 hours at a time. Please inform every patron that the item is due in 3 hours. In some cases the item can be renewed, unless other people are asking for it. The only items allowed to leave the library from this list are graphing calculators, as they are used in exams. 
  • Fines will accrue if they are not returned on time. If a patron does not return it within 3 hours, please notify them of any fines they may have accrued. 

Phone Etiquette

How to answer the phone 

(ALL students can do this, both at the tech suite station and at the information desk!)  

  1. Answer the phone: “Hello, Gordon Library, how may I help you?” 

  1. If it is a recording you can hang up, if not find out what they need  

  1. If you need to ask for help from a staff member, let the patron know you are placing them on hold, then press hold before getting help  

  1. To take them off hold, pick up the phone and click on the flashing button next to their number  

  1. If you need to transfer the call, hit transfer --> enter extension --> complete  

  1. Extensions can be found in the blue folder in the right drawer with the emergency sign on it  

Loan Policies